In 2003, there were many children in Tsharka, but there was no school

When Barbara Euser and her two daughters, Laney and Piper, traveled there in July, village elders exhorted Barbara to help them open an elementary school for the village children. They promised that the community would do everything necessary to support a school.

If they could get the materials, they would build the school themselves. If they could have teachers and books, their children could learn to read and write.

Before leaving Tsharka, Barbara agreed to help the villagers build their school through the International Community Development Foundation, sponsored by her family. In a ceremony attended by the villagers, Barbara presented a letter of commitment to the headman, Tsering Phurba.

The Bon Lama of Tsharka, Lama Tashi, told them another woman had also agreed to help Tsharka build a school: Leona Mason. In August 2003, Leona arrived with a large tent and teaching materials and ran a school in the tent for the rest of the season.

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